Community Forum 2020

Co-organised by SIC and the Community Development Network

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Graphic recording done by Artese Studios

Community Forum 2020 aims to showcase initiatives that have the potential to unlock the power of community organisations and informal groups. This is an opportunity for us to get to know one another better, find out what we care about and the ideas that energise us, and begin to figure out what are worthy things we could be doing together. 

On the 11th of November 2020, we ventured into the realm of Social Innovation with our line-up of speakers from various social enterprise and non-profit organisations. Learn more about how they define social innovation and how they have pushed their organisations to greater heights with the graphic and video recording of the session below!

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In recent times, Singapore has recognised the growing importance of citizen engagement and community participation. But what does participation mean particularly for Singapore, and how do people from all walks of life perceive it?

Join us as P!D shares their experiences involving regular citizens in designing solutions and the everyday spaces of Singapore, as well as the participatory design framework that they have developed through research and projects in neighborhood's across Singapore.

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Nicholas Ooi is a young startup founder who's passion in both IT and business drives him to empower others to solve problems with IT solutions. This, and his experience in Silicon Valley, further inspired him to pursue this social venture with the team to achieve the vision of “helping others to help others”.

Join us to learn more deeply about his founder's journey and how he came to empowers organisations to engage effectively with their volunteers through his data-analytical platform, Bantu.

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Young Sustainable Impact Southeast Asia was founded on the belief that youth creating start-ups can tackle all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Join us as Irsyad share YSI's journey of discovery and community building in the impact space. Find out about his views on what it takes to balance purpose and profit, the strengths of and challenges faced by impact entrepreneurs, and his continued plans to mobilize Southeast Asians to solve sustainability challenges in a variety of ways.


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