Social Collab x Wikithon 2021


Social Collab is an open collaboration initiative that facilitates the citizen mapping and sensemaking of social needs, gaps and solutions in Singapore through an online wiki platform. 

The Wikithon is an annual even that invites youths to explore an issue they care about and documented their research on this wiki platform, therein contributing to a shared knowledge commons in Singapore.


At the end of the Wikithon, participants will craft a Challenge Statement that serves as a call-to-action for the problems and gaps they have identified.

Wikithon (1).png

                  Wikithon 2021 is recruiting!                  

We are looking for interested youths who believe in the vision of Social Collab to join us for a fun and fulfilling event planning experience :-)

Program Designer
  • Plan interesting and exciting enrichment programs to enhance the learning experience of participants

  • Find partners and mentors to support the Wikithon program (via workshops, field studies, or mentorship)

  • Pitch the program and inspire confidence in our partners

  • Learn and engage with their chosen social issue with greater intellectual depth

  • Work closely with participating teams to assist them in their learning objectives

  • Observing for ways to improve the program and collect feedback from participants